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Don’t Let Life Come to You; Go to Life!

In this article, Pastor Trieber gives us the challenge to organize our goals for our family, business, health, finances, and ministry.

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Don’t Eat Your Seed Corn

The Scriptures are replete with many references to the principle of sowing and reaping. In this short article, Bro. Apusen challenges Christians to sow in God’s harvest field.

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Creating Habits

Have you ever said or ever heard your kids ask, “Why do I have to learn algebra anyway”? Mrs. Tabitha Fanara asked that same question once. Here is her answer.

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Our Great God

We learn much about the characteristics of our God from the book of Psalms. From Psalm 84, Brother Craig Burcham reminds us of the greatness of our God.

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Be Salty and Sweet

Many people enjoy food that is both salty and sweet, and as Mrs. Chung explains in this article, Christians also need to have the perfect combination of salt and sweet in their lives.

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