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Three Measured Men

Bro. Burcham concludes his study on the phrase “these three” from the Word of God and encourages us to have the heart of God.

Bible Study Helps

The High Calling of the Watchman

The watchman was a vital part of securing the lives of those in his city. Pastor Cooper reminds us that God has called every Christian a watchman. Read this article to find out how to succeed at this critical task.

Bible Study Helps

Sounds of the Mulberry Trees

Waiting on God is no easy task. In this brief article, Mrs. Chung reminds us of the importance on waiting for God’s perfect timing.

Bible Study Helps

Five Basic Principles of the Christian Life in 2022

Happy New Year! Dr. Nikoley provides us with a simple outline on to have a successful Christian life in 2022.


Downloadable Bible Reading Schedules for the New Year

Having a daily habit of Bible reading is an essential element of the successful Christian life. Here are free, downloadable Bible Reading Schedules for adults, teens, and children to help keep you focused throughout the entire year.

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