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Bible Study Helps

Three Precious Words for the Soul

Discover the power of the words in the Bible, and dive deeper into the significance of Jesus’ words “It is finished” in this article by Bro. Craig Burcham.

Design Helps, Resources

Generating AI Images for Your Church Media Ministry

As a media director for a church, it can be challenging to keep up with all the demands of creating content and managing resources, watch this video for tools to help save time.


Downloadable Bible Reading Schedules for the New Year

Having a daily habit of Bible reading is an essential element of the successful Christian life. Here are free, downloadable Bible Reading Schedules for adults, teens, and children to help keep you focused throughout the entire year.

Family Helps

What My Grandparents Taught Me

In this article, Mrs. Chung reflects on the lessons learned from her grandparents.

Bible Study Helps

The Changing of Seasons

All around our country, the seasons are beginning to change. In this article, Mrs. Chung provides an encouraging reminder about the different seasons of life Christians my find themselves in.

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