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Goldfish and Sparrows

Mrs. Chung uses a familiar passage of Scripture to encourage the reader today.

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Will God Continue to Bless America?

There is no doubt that God has blessed America in the past, but the question is will He continue to bless America? Dr. Nikoley explains what God’s people must do to see a revival in our land.

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I Am an American

Miss Ilan what makes her so grateful about the land she lives in and her hopes for our nation in the future.

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Blessed Is The Nation

America was birthed in biblical values and has been greatly blessed due to applying biblical principles to its foundations. Sadly today, when it comes to politics, many Christians want to cower and retreat. Pastor Evertson shares three actions Christians must take to restore our nation.

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Redeeming the Summer

Summer is a wonderful time where so many memories are created, and yet, we all must admit so much time is also wasted. Mrs. Chung gives examples of how to redeem the summer so that we do not waste this season.

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