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Let Them Know

If we are not careful, we will listen to the whispers of the wicked one who tells us no one cares and nothing we do matters. Mrs. Chung provides examples of how untrue that statement is in this article.

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“Oh, It Was Nothing”

A smile, a passing greeting, a small kindness, a word of encouragement, a thoughtful note—it’s nothing, really. But is that true?

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Evidence of the Grace of God in the Home

The evidence of the grace of God in the home is certainly becoming rarer in our society. It would be easy to pass the blame on others, but Dr. Nikoley reveals who deserves the blame in this article.

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Three Model Men

The Word of God is filled with people of great faith who serve as an example to follow. Bro. Craig Burcham examines the characteristics of three men that we should emulate in our lives.

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Thessalonians: A Text for Missions

Nothing is nearer to the heart of God than the winning of souls. Pastor Cooper explains how a church can fulfill the Great Commission and reap the Lord’s blessings.

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