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Paul’s Plan for Missions Giving

What does the Bible have to say about giving to missions? This article outlines what the apostle Paul shows the Corinthians to do concerning giving toward missions.

Education Helps

Focus on Finishing

How can looking at the finish line help us with where we are today? The author answers this question from the perspective of a teacher but can apply to any person wanting to accomplish a goal.

Bible Study Helps, Missions Helps

Missions: Bringing Healing to the World’s Wounded

What is the greatest evidence that you are a Christian? David Sloan looks at a familiar story with fresh eyes and teaches us what missions is all about. Everyone will be helped by today’s article, no matter your position in life.

Bible Study Helps

The LORD Is Good – The Eternal Security of His Goodness

In this brief article, Bro. Craig Burcham examines part two of the series, “The Lord Is Good,” and looks at the eternal security of His goodness.

Helps for Youth

Having a Successful Semester of Bible College

As the Spring semester begins at colleges around the country, the author gives helpful and practical tips on how to have a successful semester that will set you up for success in life.

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