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It’s Your Choice

God gives everyone a choice, whether it will be life or death, a blessing or a curse. Listed in this article are four decisions that will bring blessings.

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The Cross, The Blood, and The Resurrection

The author writes a powerful article on what Christ purchased with His blood on the cross, and the importance of the resurrection to our atonement.

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Lines of Wisdom

Many look at wrinkles as a negative feature to have, but this article will give you a new perspective on these signs of aging.

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Following the Recipe

Have you ever tried and failed at a new recipe? The product is always a result of how closely you follow the recipe. This article teaches how you can follow God’s recipe for your own Christian life.

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Check Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is a good time for a heart check. If you find your heart has become somewhat cold toward the things of God, the author provides a cure for your heart to become warm again.

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