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Jesus Every Day!

Does soul winning still work? Pastor Cooper answers that question and challenges Christians in this article.

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Three Mighty Men

The account of David’s mighty men securing a drink of water for him from the well of Bethlehem is a familiar account. Bro. Craig Burcham examines these men’s actions and shows what we can do in our lives for the glory of God.


We Will Never Forget 9-11 Tribute Video

A look at the tragic events of 9/11 and how America came back with courage in the face of evil.

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Understanding the Love of God – Part 2

! John 3 and 4 contain six proofs of our love for God. In this article, Dr. Nikoley provides three of these proofs.

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Polishing the Silver

Silver is a precious metal that must be polished or it will tarnish. Mrs. Chung explains that we also need daily polishing from the Word of God to be a clean vessel for the Lord.

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