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I Have a Goodly Heritage

It is a convicting thought that every decision we make in life impacts eternity someway. In this article, Miss Ilan shares how one life made a difference in her family’s story generations later.

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Some Closing Admonitions from the Final Chapter of Hebrews

The writer of Hebrews closes the book by giving seven admonitions to the Christian. Pastor Justin Cooper shares these commands in this article.

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Christ’s Call to Charity, Love!

No one deserves a special day all to herself more than today’s mother, but Dr. Nikoley reminds us of a greater love than a mother’s love, the greatest love of all!

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Why I Love Flowers

The author shares how a simple flower represents something much larger in this brief article.

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Get Away From the Juniper Trees

Like the prophet Elijah, we may find ourselves despondent and hopeless in a situation. In this article, the author gives a helpful truth on actions we can take when we feel like giving up.

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