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Redeeming the Summer

Summer is a wonderful time where so many memories are created, and yet, we all must admit so much time is also wasted. Mrs. Chung gives examples of how to redeem the summer so that we do not waste this season.

Bible Study Helps

Do We Really Love God?

The Bible has much to say about the love of God and our love for Him. In this article, Dr. Nikoley shows us how we can examine if we really love the Lord.

Bible Study Helps

7 Marks of a Bonafide Believer

Throughout the Bible, God uses various terms to describe His people. In this article, Pastor Cooper provides seven defining words that characterize the Christian in II Timothy 2.

Bible Study Helps

Crumbling Foundations

The foundation of our country is full of cracks, but as Dr. Nikoley reminds us, Christians have what the world needs to stop the decay.

Family Helps, Ministry Helps

I Have a Goodly Heritage

It is a convicting thought that every decision we make in life impacts eternity someway. In this article, Miss Ilan shares how one life made a difference in her family’s story generations later.

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