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Fought For, Protected, and Handed On

Now more than ever, our freedom as Americans is at stake. In this article, the author reminds us that we have a responsibility to preserve our nation’s liberty for future generations.

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Having A Heart for God – Part 2

In this second part of the message “Having a Heart for God,” Dr. Nikoley warns against the philosophy of the world.

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Assessing the Ages

Clocks and calendars are a necessity to keep us on time for activities and responsibilities in our lives. Here, Bro. Craig Burcham gives us some reminders of what God’s Word tells us to do with our time.

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How to Study the Bible – Part 3

In this article, Bro. Lankford Oxendine shares with us some important principles that we should use as we read and study the Word of God.

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What the World Does Not Know

There is one major flaw in the world’s view of God, as Pastor Jason Atwood aptly reminds us here.

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