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That’s Not How it Was Supposed to Happen!

Have you ever been disappointed? Have you ever had people let you down or felt that God had let you down? In this article, Pastor Justin Cooper teaches us what to do when we feel let down by man or God.

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Overcoming the Tempter

Every child of God faces temptations by the devil. Even the Son of God faced temptations by the evil one. Here Pastor John Evertson shows us how we can have victory over Satan’s attacks by using the same method that Jesus used when He was tempted.

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Putting Jesus Back in America

This Independence Day, Pastor Trieber reminds us of the need to put Jesus back in our nation.

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How to Study the Bible – Part 8

Bro. Lankford Oxendine concludes his series on how to study the Bible by explaining the hermeneutical concept of Sensus Plenior.

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“But when he saw Jesus”

Our natural inclination during difficult times is to focus on our problems. In this article, Bro. Junar Obstaculo reminds us how changing our focus will also change our outlook.

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