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From East to West

In this article, Bro. Tom Apusen shares an encouraging truth that connects the Tabernacle and Temple to the Garden of Eden and reveals how much God loves us.

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A Charge to Continue

It’s so important in this generation that we stay on a proven path that’s been tried and found true. In this brief article, Pastor Cooper shares what “old-time religion” really means.

Bible Study Helps

Important Needs in the Church

We would all agree that there are many opinions about what our churches need in this present age. In this article, Dr. Nikoley shares five needs of the church regardless of the seasons of time.

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Gold Crowns for Silver Heads

As people age, it is evident that they fit into one of two categories. Either they will age with grace, or they will age with bitterness. Mrs. Chung explains how vital the choice between the two is in this article.

Bible Study Helps

Determine Not to be So Despicable

It is hard to reach others and make a difference if we have a poor testimony. Pastor Cooper gives six areas to keep us from being despised in this brief article.

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