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Lift the Hands of the Man of God

Bro. Andrew Reimers discusses the importance of supporting pastors as a fundamental principle of the Christian faith, highlighting the example of Aaron and Hur lifting Moses’ hands in Exodus 17. He encourages laymen and staff members to come alongside their pastors, filling needs with their own time, energy, and effort. #help4today

Bible Study Helps

Thanksgiving Every Day

Learn the importance of saying “Thank You” and showing appreciation in everyday life. This article discusses the people who deserve our gratitude and offers practical ways to express it. Take advantage of opportunities to be a blessing to others.

Bible Study Helps

God Is My Strength

Discover the powerful truths hidden within the small book of Habakkuk, which reminds us of God’s constant presence and power. This article briefly summarizes the prophet’s progression from despair to hope as he cries out to God for help.