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Finish What God Has Assigned You Today

Pastor Jack Trieber encourages viewers to reflect on finishing tasks as seen in Ezra 6:14 and the importance of completing what God has set before them. He emphasizes the significance of not procrastinating and deals with situations promptly to honor God and achieve personal goals. #help4today

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Be a Singing People!

Pastor Jack Trieber emphasizes the importance of singing together in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord, encouraging listeners to choose songs that focus on grace, salvation, and heaven. He highlights the power of hymns like “How Great Thou Art” and “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name” in fostering a spirit of worship and joy among believers. #help4today

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Be Kind on the Journey of Life

Pastor Jack Trieber shares a powerful message about the importance of showing kindness to others, based on Second Chronicles 10:16. He encourages viewers to avoid drama, payback, and unkind deeds, and instead, to follow the examples of King David and King Solomon in listening and being kind to one another. #help4today

Bible Study Helps

Giving Equals Joy

In this video, Jack Trieber reflects on the joy of investing in the work of God, citing his own experience with building a property that continues to bring him joy years later. He emphasizes the privilege of investing in something that will last and encourages viewers to do the same. #help4today