Welcome to Help for Today. Today we’re in Ezra chapter 4 and verse number 1.

When the adversaries, uh-oh, you have any adversaries today? Judah and Benjamin heard that the children of the captivity built the temple. They came to Zerubbabel and said, ‘Let us build with you.’ These adversaries were going to try to detente, but really they were going to try to hinder the work of God. And when they did not get their way, they did seek to hinder the work of God. Same way in Nehemiah’s day.

What adversary do you have to deal with? What adversary do you have to give over to God and let God deal with it? It might be a personal adversary – anger or bitterness or callousness or carnality or deceit or envy or fear. What is it in your life? What is it in my life?

Well, today there are adversaries that come. Negative influences, negative people, betrayals, heartache, disappointment. Keep your eyes today on the Lord Jesus Christ. Looking this way and not looking at all this that’s happening down here. We sing about the sweet bye-bye but we’re living in the nasty now and now, so don’t look down here too much. Look up here. Have a great day.

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Pastor Jack Trieber

Pastor Trieber

Pastor Trieber has served as the pastor of the North Valley Baptist Church since March of 1976. He is also the President of Golden State Baptist College.