This week, I’m coming to you on behalf of the subject of how you can help the man of God. Our pastor teaches us that every Christian is called to either be a pastor or help a pastor. And it is our job as laymen, as staff members, to come alongside the man of God and help him as he leads the people of God.

This week I’ve come to you with several practical subjects on how to help the man of God. In Exodus chapter number 17, the Bible says in verse 10, “And his hands were steady, until the going down of the sun.” These two great men, Aaron and Hur, they came alongside Moses and they lifted his hands. And I’m coming today encouraging you to find ways that you can lift the man of God’s hands.

They watched, they had their eyes open. Aaron and Hur saw that as Moses’ hands began to get weary, his hands dropped and the battle turned. So they saw a need and they filled the need. They lifted his hands. Then I see that they gave of their own effort and their own energy to see the need filled. It’s so often we see needs, but do we take our own time, our own energy, and our own effort to fill the need?

This week, or today, I wanna encourage you to lift the man of God’s hands.

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Andrew Reimers

Andrew Reimers, Sunday School Director

Having grown up in a wonderful Christian home, Brother Reimers was saved at an early age. After high school, he moved from Meriden, Connecticut, to attend Golden State Baptist College in 2009. Following graduation, he married his wife Joy and joined the church staff as Director of North Valley Publications and the Sunday School.