In our current day, not many older people have gray hair. With the availability of home dye kits, men and women can keep the gray hairs from proclaiming their age. Why do I mention gray hairs? If you are past a certain age, you have them. It is a fact of life, whether we choose to color them or show them off, you either have gray hair or you will have them someday.  

The Bible often speaks about gray hairs or even a crown of gray hair. Occasionally, the Bible word is “hoary,” which means gray or white from age. As people age, it is evident that they fit into one of two categories. Either they will age with grace, rejoicing in the God of their salvation while holding to the Unseen Hand; or they will age with bitterness, with the crockpot of their hearts set on low, stewing on the wrongs they have suffered while their bonnets continue to buzz with bees.

Proverbs 16:31 says, “The hoary head is a crown of glory if it be found in the way of righteousness.” Did you notice that verse had an IF in it? The gray or silver heads will receive a crown of glory IF they are in the former group rather than the latter. They will be the ones who are “keeping on.” Did this group of silver-headed individuals stroll through life with no problems? Of course not; the rain falls on the just and the unjust. (Matt. 5:45) Some things are unanimous about life.

  • Everyone has suffered wrong.
  • Everyone has suffered hurt. 
  • Everyone has shed tears.
  • Everyone has been knocked down.
  • Everyone has burdens.

One valuable thing that we can learn from observation and going through these things is that it is how we respond to these events that matters, not the actual situation itself. The “way of righteousness” is getting up after the hurt and heartache from the day before and taking the Bible to your quiet place. Then, it is pouring out of your heart in prayer, asking for wisdom to take the next step. It is choosing faith over bitterness. Every gray or color-treated head has battles to fight, and some choose the “way of righteousness.” Their reward will be a golden crown for their silver heads.

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Miriam Chung, Christian School Teacher

Mrs. Chung grew up around the work of the ministry and now has the privilege of teaching at the North Valley Baptist Schools. She and her husband faithfully teach young people and are a vital asset to the ministry of NVBC.