We have a wonderful story here in 2 Kings chapter 2, and you know when Elijah was going to be taken to a whirlwind, and his servant who was with him, Elisha, was there.

“Elisha says this in verse number 2, ‘Elijah’s going somewhere else,’ Elisha said, ‘I will not leave thee.'”

And then he goes to Jericho, he’s gone from Bethel, and now he’s to Jericho, and he says, “I will not leave thee.”

And then he goes, and he leaves again, goes to the Jordan, and Elijah says, “Stay here,” and he said, “I will not leave thee.”

In other words, everywhere the man of God went, he went. That’s dedication, that’s loyalty, and today, whether it’s a marriage, or people you supervise, or your family, your children, your parents, “I’m not going to leave you, I’m going to stand right by your side.”

I thank God for the labors that God’s giving me for all these years, some that are new and some that have been here for decades, that have just been loyal and dedicated and said, “I’m not leaving you. I’m right with you.” God bless you, friends. You have a wonderful day.

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Pastor Jack Trieber

Pastor Trieber

Pastor Trieber has served as the pastor of the North Valley Baptist Church since March of 1976. He is also the President of Golden State Baptist College.