As Sunday School teachers, we are tasked with one of the most honorable and yet most challenging positions in the ministry of the local church. Sunday School teachers have the responsibility to support the direction set by the pastor of the church while endeavoring to cultivate spiritual growth in the lives of their students.

         In facing this challenge, this question is often asked: “What do I teach?” If there is not a set curriculum which is given to the teacher, the task of where to begin can be daunting. However, a little thought and planning can help to make the task manageable.

         As a teacher, there are three areas I seek to focus on as I teach my students. First, we must teach doctrine. That sounds intimidating, but it really is not. Doctrine is simply those fundamental truths that we believe. We must begin to impart doctrine into the minds of our students from the earliest age groups. While it is certainly not advisable to develop a theological treatise on the doctrine of sin for a class of preschool children, we surely must explain to them what sin is and what sin does. There are a myriad of doctrinal subjects which should be introduced to all ages of students in their Sunday School classes, including the doctrine of the Sovereign (God the Father), the Son (Jesus Christ), the Spirit, sin, salvation, the Scriptures, and separation, among many others.

         Secondly, I try to teach discipleship–that is, following Christ. This includes things such as teaching them to have a personal involvement in the Scriptures (daily Bible reading), an investment in the sanctuary (tithing/giving), and the incorporation of soul winning. This will move them along in their spiritual journey to maturity.

         Thirdly, I want to teach deeds. The simple truths which I have shown them from the Scriptures should now be implemented into their lives. The Bible is a practical Book. Its truths are meant for daily living. Simple truths such as obedience to parents, being kind to one another, and forgiveness can all be implemented on a daily basis.        

         If we will be diligent to focus on these areas, God can use us as Sunday School teachers to prepare others for the journey of life.

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Craig Burcham, GSBC Faculty

Bro. Burcham served as the Chairman of the Bible Department at Golden State Baptist College before answering the call to pastor the Mountain Vista Baptist Church in Sierra Vista, AZ. Pastor Burcham travels each week to teach the next generation at GSBC. Before coming to GSBC, he served as a missionary with his family in Japan for several years and then pastored in Missouri.