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The Power of Listening

Learn how listening to seasoned Christians, critics, and even God can help you grow in grace and wisdom. In a world where everyone wants to be heard, discover the benefits of being a listener. Develop your listening skills and let life experiences mold and shape your Christian journey.

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Finding Happiness in Christ

This message reminds us that as believers, our happiness is not based on circumstances, but on our relationship with Christ. By setting our minds on things above and finding joy in our salvation, we can experience true happiness regardless of our earthly situation. #Help4Today

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Developing a Hunger for God

This article challenges readers to cultivate a hunger for God and explains how it can lead to great revivals, churches, and soul-winning. The author encourages readers to study the Bible, pray, fast, and obey God to develop this hunger for God.

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The Significance of Convictions

Learn about the importance of having firm beliefs and convictions in your Christian life, specifically in areas such as music, the Bible, the Gospel, baptism, and the local church. Convictions are not just preferences or opinions, but they are spark plugs for action. Stay anchored in God and His Word, and be unmovable in your faith. #Help4Today

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Finding Worth in Christ

This message reminds us that our worth and value should not be based on ourselves or the brand names we wear, but on our faith in Jesus Christ. We are not worthy of God’s grace or mercy, but through Christ, we are made righteous and stand right before God. Our value comes from the love of God and the sacrifice of His Son, and we are all of great value to Him.

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Saved to Serve

Discover your area in serving your local church and making a difference in people’s lives. Get inspired to be an active member of your church and use your unique talents and abilities to serve others. We are saved to serve and make a difference today. #Help4Today