The song “Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand” makes the statement, “Life is filled with swift transition.” Swift, I mean, it happens in a hurry. Life just changes. If you think about it, stop and look around. The world is constantly changing. It is, we could use the word, evolving. It is different today than it was even yesterday. That is true in every aspect of the world that we live in. Business, politics, religion, sadly, social issues, gender identity. All these things, it’s constantly fluid and it’s ever-changing.

I am glad I can report to the Christian that in a world that is given to change, there is something that absolutely stays the same. It stays the same and it’s always been the same and it’s always going to be the same. It does not alter. It does not manipulate. It does not mold. It does not conform. It stands as an absolute, as a fixed beacon, if you will. And let me give you this Bible verse just to remind you. Here in Hebrews chapter 13, verse number 8, here’s a great statement in a day of change: “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

In a world that is constantly changing, Jesus does not change. He’s the same as he’s ever been. He’s the same as he’ll ever be. He has not diminished. He has not altered. He has not reduced himself. He is as much God as he ever was. He’s just as good as he’s ever been. His grace is as sufficient as it’s ever been. His mercy still endureth to all generations. He still has power to save and power to secure, power to supply every need in my life. He still hears and answers prayer. He still can be the agent of a sweeping revival.

Jesus is on his throne and in a day where everything is given to swift transition. I’m glad we have a Savior who does not change. And you can anchor your hope, your faith, your dependence in Jesus Christ and he’ll never fail you. He was the same yesterday as he is today. He’s the same today as he’ll be tomorrow. And no matter what falls around you and no matter who changes in your life and no matter what might you find different tomorrow, can I say Jesus is going to be the same.

I hope that’s an encouragement to you. Anchor your hope and faith in Jesus Christ. I hope this is a help in your Christian life today.

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