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Trials and Temptations

Join Pastor David Sloan as he discusses the importance of facing trials and tests in life as a Christian, drawing inspiration from James 1:1-27. Learn how to endure difficulties and overcome challenges with faith and perseverance. #help4today

Bible Study Helps

Intro to James

Join Pastor David Sloan from North Valley Baptist Church as he delves into the practical teachings of the book of James, offering insights for the persecuted and scattered church members. Discover how this Biblical study can enrich your Christian life in this engaging video series. #help4today

Bible Study Helps

The Powerful Name of Jesus

Bro. Alvin Martinez passionately emphasizes the power and significance of the name of Jesus Christ, declaring it as a name above all others. He highlights the miraculous works and authority associated with the name, calling for reverence and praise for the unchanging, immutable, and unstoppable nature of Jesus’s name. #help4today

Bible Study Helps

Finish What God Has Assigned You Today

Pastor Jack Trieber encourages viewers to reflect on finishing tasks as seen in Ezra 6:14 and the importance of completing what God has set before them. He emphasizes the significance of not procrastinating and deals with situations promptly to honor God and achieve personal goals. #help4today