Concluding this week of “Discover,” we have seen Discover his plan. We’ve seen Discover his provision, his presence, but I can encourage us today to discover his peace.

Ephesians 2:14 tells us that he, talking about God, is our peace. When we have, when we go through his plan, and when we find out that God provides and we find his presence and are with him every day, God brings with him a peace. Something that passes all understanding, something that only God can give and that God can bring, and no matter where you are, the geographical location or perhaps the weather pattern outside, whether it’s stormy or sunny, we can have God’s peace. Whether you’re in the valley or the mountaintop, we can have the peace of God. We can go through life and discover God’s peace because he promises it to us, and God is our peace. You should not be trusting in man, you should not be trusting in the things of this world, you should not be trusting in things that we cannot rely on. But I can tell you this, that we can rely on the peace of God, and we can rely on Him to provide it.

And there are times in life where we go through sorrows and there are times in life where we go through troubles and heartaches. And then we find that even at those times where we have the most trouble, there is a peace. It’s undeniable, it’s unmistakable, and it’s really unrealistic. Why, how, how can we have such peace? And you ask yourself, even in times of sorrow, how does the world find peace? Because we know that peace truly comes from God. And the born-again, saved believer can trust that God brings peace.

As we go through and finish this week of “Discover,” we’ve discovered, as we step out by faith, we’ve discovered His plan, His provision, His presence, and finally, the peace that comes from God.

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Luke Flood

Luke Flood, Bus Director

Luke Flood serves on staff as the bus director and is responsible for seeing hundreds of people in church on a weekly basis. He is a true product of North Valley Baptist Church. Having grown up in a wonderful Christian family, he attended North Valley Baptist Schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade. After graduation, he attended Golden State Baptist College where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.