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Battling Temptation

In a world filled with temptations, it is important to be cautious and not let them draw us away. By being careful of what we see, hear, and do, and relying on the power of the Spirit, we can overcome temptation and live a victorious Christian life. #help4today

Bible Study Helps

Restoration and Compassion

Discover the importance of showing compassion and restoring those who have fallen in their Christian walk. Let’s not be quick to throw away those that God has saved, but instead, let’s undertake the wounded, lift them up, and lead them in the path of repentance and restoration. #Help4Today

Bible Study Helps

Embracing Our Spiritual Gifts

Discover the importance of using our spiritual gifts to be a blessing to others and bring glory to God. As members of the body of Christ, each of us has a unique gift that complements and completes one another. Be a good steward of your gift and make a lasting impact in the local church. #Help4Today

Bible Study Helps

God Will Provide

In this inspiring message, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness and provision throughout history. Just like Abraham trusted that God would provide a lamb, we too can have faith that God will provide for all our needs. #Help4Today