Numbers chapter 7 and verse 89, there’s four words. It says, “the voice of one.” We see this phrase in the Bible five times. First time it’s here in Numbers chapter 7, and then four times, one time in each of the four Gospels.

And as I consider this thought, “the voice of one,” Moses is in the… he’s in the tabernacle, and he’s hearing the voice of God. And that phrase, “the voice of one,” gripped my heart as I was reading it.

And I got to thinking about the voice of God and how important it is that we hear the voice of God every day of our lives. The word of the Lord came to Moses in the tabernacle, and he heard the voice of one.

You know, every day of our lives, we need to hear the voice of God. There’s a lot of voices in the world that are important. My wife’s voice is important. My children’s voices are important. My pastor’s voice is important. My co-laborers, their voices are important.

There’s a lot of important voices in the world, but there’s no other voice that’s more important to hear every day than to hear the voice of God. And so I want to challenge you today to get in the Word of God. Let the Word of the Lord come into you and hear the voice of one.

Then when we come to the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all talk about a man who was the voice of one crying in the wilderness, “prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his path straight.”

And as I consider the voice of God speaking to Moses, he heard the Word of God and then he was able to give the Word of God to the people of God. I consider John the Baptist who also heard the voice of God and was a voice then for God.

We can’t be a voice to this world for God until we take time daily to hear from God. And so really I just want to leave you with those four words, “the voice of one.” First of all, let’s hear the voice of the one that created us and then let’s go out into the world today and be a voice for the Lord. And we can’t do that until we hear from the Lord.

Have a great day.

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John Evertson

John Evertson, GSBC Campus Pastor

In June 2000, after graduating from Golden State Baptist College, John Evertson answered the call to pastor West Valley Baptist Church in Woodland, California. After 19 years, God moved Pastor and Mrs. Evertson to Santa Clara. Pastor Evertson is instrumental in the church and serves as the Campus Pastor for Golden State Baptist College to help guide the future servants of God. Pastor & Mrs. Evertson have four children — Josiah, Jeremiah, Joy, and Joshua.