Matthew chapter number 9, verses 36 and 37, “But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them because they fainted and were scattered abroad as sheep, having no shepherd.” Then saith he to his disciples, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few.”

We’re living in a generation where there is very few laborers. Churches and ministries are stuck. They’re stagnant, they’re not moving forward because there’s a dearth of Christians who are willing to say, ‘Yes, I’ll serve.’ Our pastor teaches us, if there’s a need, the answer should always be yes. And I’m coming to you today, Christians, and asking you, as we endeavor to help the man of God, to find an area of service. There’s a need in the bus ministry, the answer should be yes. There’s a need in the Sunday school, the answer should be yes. Yes. In live streaming, in the sound, in parking attendants, in greeters and ushers, there’s a need in your church.

The answer on our behalf should always be yes to the man of God. Let’s get involved and find an area of service. The answer is always yes.

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Andrew Reimers

Andrew Reimers, Sunday School Director

Having grown up in a wonderful Christian home, Brother Reimers was saved at an early age. After high school, he moved from Meriden, Connecticut, to attend Golden State Baptist College in 2009. Following graduation, he married his wife Joy and joined the church staff as Director of North Valley Publications and the Sunday School.