This week on Help for Today, we have been looking at a mission statement that God gave me, for me personally, taken from Ecclesiastes 9-10, to do everything to the best of my ability and to the glory of God.

And I want to focus on that last part, “to the glory of God.” When I do something, whether it be for the radio or for graphic design or a website or a brochure or a video, whatever, may I always do it to God’s glory. You see, any talents and abilities that I may have, it’s all because of God. And anything good that I can do, it is only because of God’s goodness and God’s grace, that He allows me to be able to work for Him.

May I encourage you this week, do everything you do, to the best of your ability, but also, for the glory of God. May it not be so that people could see us. May it not be so that people would pat us on the back or say how great we’ve done things. But may it be for the honor and for the glory of God.

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Mike Moyer, Media and IT Director

Brother Moyer finished his undergraduate degree at Golden State Baptist College in 2000. After earning his master’s degree in 2001, he joined our staff in the graphic design department. He now oversees all the ministry technology, which has grown to include all ministry websites, live streaming, Revival Time radio broadcast, KNVBC Radio, IT Department, sound ministry, and much more.