Welcome to “Help for Today.” This morning, I’d like to give you just one verse from Luke chapter number 24. In this passage, Jesus has been crucified, his body has been laid in the tomb, and his disciples are now preparing ointment and spices to anoint his body with. Can you imagine with me, that morning as they began their journey? They’ve seen their Savior die, they’ve seen him crucified and laid in that tomb. Can you imagine with me as they begin that journey to that tomb that morning, and the tumult and the pain they must have felt in their hearts knowing that he had passed?

Then, can you imagine as they get to the tomb and they see the stone rolled away and they thought that someone had stolen their Lord’s body? The Bible says that they were much perplexed. But the verse I’d like to draw your attention to is verse number six, when the Bible says that two angels come and they say just these seven simple words, “He is not here, but is risen.” Can I say that that verse is still true for you and me today? I don’t know the troubles that you’re going through. I don’t know the trials that you’re facing. I don’t know if you’ve just heard bad news. But can I say, Christian, you and I today, we can have hope because our Lord, he’s not dead, he’s not in the grave, he’s not in that tomb, but thankfully, he’s risen and you and I have the hope that he’s coming back for us one day.

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Robert Simmons, C Ministry Director

Robert Simmons works on the faculty of Golden State Baptist College. He is the College Bus Ministry Director and the Men’s Dorm Supervisor.