As we get ready to start another year of school, we must ask ourselves this question: “Can Christ be found in our Christian schools?”

Christian school administrators, myself included, often pride themselves on the fact that their schools are Christian; yet I sometimes wonder if “Christian” is nothing more than a name on the sign in front of our buildings.

Do our schools truly have Christ in them?

Are our teachers truly seeking to live for and please Jesus Christ? Do they have the love and patience for students that Jesus Christ would have?

Jesus Christ was the Master Teacher. Are we patterning our teaching goals and ambitions after Him?

Are we, as educators, leading our students to truly know Christ and installing a desire to serve Him?

Do our students see the need to walk with Him and serve Him with their lives?

All of these questions and more we must ask as we reopen our schools. “Christian” must not just be a name to classify our school; it should be the way of life, the culture. It is our purpose and reason.

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Chris Fanara

Chris Fanara, Christian School Principal

Bro. Fanara serves as the Principal of North Valley Baptist Schools. He and his wife, Tabitha, are graduates of NVBS and have been faithfully working in the school for thirteen years.