There is a joke in my family, “Miriam saves Christmas … again!” Dramatic, yes. Hilarious, probably only to my family. True, kind of. You see, I have a superpower. You would never know it by looking at me. I don’t wear a cape or mask, because there is no need to keep it hidden. How did I get this superpower? When I was saved, my Heavenly Father gave me a gift. He gives one to all His children. My gift, my superpower, is that of Helps.

How did I know I had this gift, you may ask? It was a slow realization over time, rather than an audible voice from Heaven. It is easy to help others. Sometimes that help is in actual physical labor, and other times it is connecting people to the right spot or person. I have a desire to help, and I thrive on it. The urge to fill a need or be a blessing is always there. In a crisis, God gives me calmness to think clearly and find the right solution. It was during one of these moments of crisis that I earned my “Saving Christmas” title.

My superpower works best when I am walking with the Lord. I pray daily for wisdom and for the Holy Spirit to guide. He impresses on my heart a need or a person to whom the need may still be unknown. I have helped when it was known and when it went unseen, those are always the best.  

It would be wrong of me not to use the gift God has given me. 1 Corinthians 12 speaks of some of the spiritual gifts. Perhaps you have the gift of leadership or the gift of wisdom. Maybe you are skilled at making money and funding a ministry in your local church. There are gifts of knowledge and teaching. My question to you is this: What is your spiritual gift? Are you using it? Whose life could you improve, whose day could you make better if you used your spiritual gift? I encourage you to find your spiritual gift and use it. Your gift, your superpower, will make a difference in the lives of others and for the cause of Christ. 

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Miriam Chung, Christian School Teacher

Mrs. Chung grew up around the work of the ministry and now has the privilege of teaching at the North Valley Baptist Schools. She and her husband faithfully teach young people and are a vital asset to the ministry of NVBC.