It never ceases to amaze me just how good God has been and is to me!

For those of you in the busy days of parenthood, let me remind you that “Your today will soon be yesterday.” It goes by that fast! Please let me reiterate to each of you the importance of enjoying these days, and not just enduring them. I am happy to say that, as I look back, I may have changed a few things if I could do it all over again–but I don’t regret one thing! I have given the following tidbits in various classes and in ladies sessions through the years, but please allow me to share them with you one more time. The older your children become, you realize more and more that you have only one chance at this thing called “parenting.” Please allow God to use these in your life:

1. Get your priorities in order. Attitudes as well as actions say, “Look, kid, you are a hindrance to my work.” Children do not want to play second fiddle to a parent’s work. Remember the order: God, spouse, children, work, church. I know that, as a provider for the home, work is at the top of the list for a man; but it should never take important time away from your children.

2. Live as consistently as you can. God doesn’t expect you to be perfect, but He wants to be perfect through you.

3. Confess your failures regarding your children. When you’ve made a mistake, admit it! You will be setting a good example of honesty for your children to follow.

4. Keep the channels of communication open. Anger, frustration, constant preaching, and sarcasm are surefire ways to stop the flow of communication.

5. Go easy with your criticism. You will drive your children from you with constant criticism and few compliments seasoned with praise!

6. Surround your children with a fence of prayer asking God to guide, direct and protect them. I am thankful that my prayer every day is for protection for my children.

7. Let your child be himself. Clothes and styles that seem “trendy” to us don’t last too long. Don’t forget that your era is outdated. I realize that modesty is always in style but, as Marlene Evans said so often, “If it isn’t wrong, wicked, or against the Bible, leave them alone.” That helped me so much as a mother.

8. Once your child has joined his/her partner in marriage, help them to “leave” you, (Genesis 2:24). Yes, I am getting to practice what I preach!

9. Listen more than you lecture. A discussion is always more pleasant than a lecture, so do whatever is necessary to keep from preaching a sermon every time one of your children says something that sets off your alarm.

10. Realize that God loves and cares for your children more than you do. As a parent, that is hard to comprehend; but it is true. If we have done all that we possibly can with God’s help, leave the results with God!

When Tiffany was a senior in high school, the school theme song that year was, “My Life, Lord, Is Yours to Control”. That song has been my theme for my children. The chorus says this:

“My life, Lord, is Yours to control; I give You my heart and my soul.
 I’ll seek Your will, never mine, rich treasures to find.
 Give wisdom to choices I make, along every path that I take,
 so when I complete life’s race, “Well done” You will say.”

My children and your children all have a race to run. Let’s help them make it to the finish line!! May God bless you as you rear your children for Him. It will be “yesterday” before you know it!!

Mrs. T

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Cindie Trieber

Cindie Trieber, Pastor’s Wife

Born into a pastor’s home in Rockford, Illinois, Cindie (Swanson) Trieber has been in or around the Gospel ministry her entire life. She was married to Jack Trieber in 1972. For over 45 years of ministry, Mrs. Trieber has served in almost every capacity imaginable. Currently, the Triebers have three children and thirteen grandchildren.