I love Exodus 14. I’ve preached from this text and this message all over this country. It’s helped me so much. I quote it to myself often. I can remember when the Lord gave it to me, and then when I was walking to church on that Sunday night, I got just a few blocks from here, and he outlined it in my mind. I knew what I was going to say. I had my notes all ready to go.

But the children of Israel were trapped in Exodus 14. They were just trapped. They could not turn to the right, to the left, go ahead, go behind. The Egyptians were coming, and God said, “Three, two, one.” Three words, “Fear ye not.” God’s not giving you the spirit of fear. “Fear ye not.” Two words, “Stand still.” Oh, that’s what we don’t like to do? “Fear ye not.” “Stand still.” Last word, one word, “See.” I’d like you to repeat it many times this day. Three, two, one, “Fear ye not.” “Stand still.” “See.” You watch when you’re trapped, but God will do.

Today, on this Friday, is the very last verse I want to give you in the book of Exodus this week. I love Exodus, what a powerful book. It’s the last chapter, chapter 40, it’s the last verse, verse 38, and God reminded them, “I have led you with a pillar of cloud, by day, well why, well that eastern desert gets very warm. And it’s like, keep you cool, cool, and you know at night it gets cool, there, their temperature is almost identical to where I live here in Santa Clara, California. The days are pleasant and can get warm and God says, “I’ll send you a cloud to cool you down” and He said “the nights are cool, and I’ll send you a fire to keep you warm.” God is looking out for you today. Take the last chapter, the last verse, claim it this day, would you please? Have a wonderful day today from the book of Exodus.

And I want to give you chapter 20. I hope that you’ll take the time if you have time today to read Exodus 20. It’s the Ten Commandments. God gave these ten rules and He said, “You can govern your nation by these ten rules.” You know, America constantly in Congress, they’re writing new rules every single day, publishing so many every single day. But we could throw away all those rules if we just got back to this. Rules like “thou shalt not kill,” rules that “thou shalt not covet,” rules that “No graven image,” rules “six days shalt thou labor, but the seventh is a sacred holy day unto the Lord.” You know that God’s Word is so, so simplistic. It’s not difficult to follow. But we must follow it. If this nation would get back to the Ten Commandments, our Christian school has a public in every room. In the Christian school as they exit, I want them to see there’s a rule to live by. It’s Exodus chapter 20. Have a wonderful day.

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Pastor Jack Trieber

Pastor Trieber

Pastor Trieber has served as the pastor of the North Valley Baptist Church since March of 1976. He is also the President of Golden State Baptist College.