Faith or Fear? Too often we as women are caught in that dilemma. Am I walking by faith, or flying by fear? Women want security, and we want to know that everything will be okay!  I like to have a schedule, stick to it, and know that what we have settled on will be what I can plan on. However, at times it seems like no matter how hard we plan, whether it’s the perfect meal, having our laundry bins completely empty, having the kids acting like little angels (well, we can dream right?), or having plenty of money in our account, that’s just not how it will be. But, what about those times of uncertainty? Do, we take the time to remember God’s promises? When your world begins to shake, and it seems like everything is spinning out of control, continue to walk by faith. The faith that took you to the trial is the faith that will get you thru the trial!

Here are a few of the promises God has given us that will help us face those times of uncertainty. Remember, He will be there.

  1. The Lord will fight for you: Ex. 14:14
  2. His mercies are new each morning: Lam. 3:21-23
  3. The Lord will help you: Is. 41:13
  4. The Lord will be with you: Is. 43:2
  5. The Lord will never forsake you: Deut. 31:8
  6. God will give you comfort: Ps. 23:4
  7. God will meet your needs: Phil. 4:19
  8. God’s love is everlasting: Jer. 31:3
  9. God’s love is abounding: Ps. 86:5
  10. God hears your prayers: Jer. 29:12

These are just a few examples of scripture you can turn to when you are experiencing fear. So, the next time you find yourself in a situation that causes you to fear, pause and remember to have faith.

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Tabitha Fanara

Tabitha Fanara, Christian School Staff

Tabitha (Trieber) Fanara has worked alongside her husband, principal of NVBS,  for nearly 15 years. She grew up at North Valley as a pastor’s kid and has seen ministry from all sides. The Fanaras have four wonderful children. Mrs. Fanara also oversees the nursery department at NVBC.