Looking for good podcasts to add to your library this year? Check out these encouraging and challenging podcasts that are available on your favorite podcasting app!

1. North Valley Baptist Church Preaching Podcast

Fiery, Old-fashioned, Revival Preaching

Though located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, you will hear fervent, old-fashioned, revival preaching from the pulpit of North Valley Baptist Church. To listen, search for “North Valley Baptist Church” in your favorite podcast application.

2. Preach the Bible: Classics Podcast

Gospel Messages from Voices of Yesteryear

Through the years, God has raised mighty men to preach boldly and proclaim His Word. Listen to powerful sermons from great Men of God on the official Preach the Bible podcast. To hear messages from men like Lee Roberson, Harold Sightler, Jack Hyles, Tom Malone, and more, visit Classics.PreachTheBible.org. You can also listen on your favorite podcast app by searching for “Preach The Bible”.

3. Striving for Revival Broadcast

With Pastor Justin Cooper

This program will challenge and encourage God’s people to seek revival. Justin Cooper serves as an Assistant Pastor at NVBC. You can listen on your favorite podcast app by searching for “Striving for Revival”.

4. Revival Time Broadcast

With Dr. Jack Trieber

Dr. Jack Trieber, Pastor of North Valley Baptist Church and President of Golden State Baptist College, comes to you every weekday with a special time of revival and enthusiasm that will lift your spirit and encourage your walk with God.

If you enjoy any of these podcasts, would you take a moment to share them with your family and friends?

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