Every day, I want to try to bring to you one thought to carry with you for today, help for today. Today’s thought is from the book of Philippians: “Love God’s people. Love one another.” The Bible says this. “I thank God upon every remembrance of you.” Paul is writing from jail, and he’s writing to these Christians. “I just think about you all the time. I’m just so thankful for you.” He also says in verse number 7, “It’s sweet for me to think this in your heart of you all because I have you in my heart.” He said, “Not ‘what’ I think, I have you in my heart. You’re buried in here.” But then he says this, “I, God, am my record, how greatly I long after you all.”

You know, I love God’s people. But I know there are some nutcases in every church, in every family, in every home, in every life. My life, and we’re all a little bit different, I imagine. We know that. But God’s people are the best. I watch them serve the Lord, I watch them pray, I watch them work, I watch them give. They’re in this thing. And today, in your church, let’s love God’s people. And in your life and in my life, let’s love God’s people. It’ll be a great day if you’ll learn to love the brethren. Have a great day.

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Pastor Jack Trieber

Pastor Trieber

Pastor Trieber has served as the pastor of the North Valley Baptist Church since March of 1976. He is also the President of Golden State Baptist College.