“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” Proverbs 22:1

I was very blessed to grow up in a home with parents that were godly Christians. Their example and instruction molded my life, and many of the blessings I enjoy today stem from their faithfulness to the Lord and His work. My parents were not perfect, but they were consistent in their spirit and actions. They were the same in public and at home. They dedicated their lives to teaching my siblings and me to live for the Lord.  

As a young boy and through my teenage years, I remember many times hearing my dad say to me, “Guard your testimony. It is one of the most important things you have.” I do not know if I realized it at the time, but he was teaching me to value, protect, and be aware of my personal testimony. As I was at church, a youth activity, a friend’s house, visiting a bus route, playing sports, etc., he wanted me to remember that my decisions would impact not only my personal testimony but also my family’s reputation and the name of Christ. Building a strong reputation was a process, and I had to continually work to keep and protect it.

Whether you are young or old, realize that the decisions you make today will either build up or tear down your reputation. As I recently pondered this subject, here are some basic thoughts I wrote down:

  • A good reputation has great value.
  • A good reputation is built over time and through the process of making many right decisions.  
  • A good reputation can be damaged or destroyed in a short period of time with just a few wrong decisions.
  • Your public reputation should mirror your reputation at home.
  • Your reputation as a Christian is a witness to the lost people around you. Does your testimony point people to Christ?
  • If your testimony is not what it should be, you can begin rebuilding it today.

Today, the principle my father taught me from Proverbs 22:1 still remains the same. As you work to build and develop a Christ-honoring reputation by making decisions founded on the Word of God, you will reap benefits that are far greater than money. You may not see results immediately; but again remember, a good reputation is built over time. So, for the sake of the cause of Christ, your family, and yourself, may I encourage you to “Guard your testimony. It is one of the most important things you have.”

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Andrew Reimers

Andrew Reimers, Sunday School Director

Having grown up in a wonderful Christian home, Brother Reimers was saved at an early age. After high school, he moved from Meriden, Connecticut, to attend Golden State Baptist College in 2009. Following graduation, he married his wife Joy and joined the church staff as Director of North Valley Publications and the Sunday School.