In both First and Second Timothy, the apostle Paul charged the young preacher to continue. He told Timothy to continue in doctrine and to continue in the things he had learned. The charge to Timothy for his generation was not to change. It was not to look for some new thing. It was not to compromise, but it was to continue in that which had been handed to him. 

Old-time religion is simply Bible Christianity. It’s so important in this generation that we stay on the proven path because it’s the old path that’s been tried and found true that is the Bible path. We’re not looking for a new method. We’re not fishing for a new message. We surely don’t have a new mandate, but our charge is the same as it was for Timothy. You and I are to continue in those things that have been handed down to us. 

I’m afraid that this generation has the motto, “If it’s not broken, let’s break it and get something new,” but I’m convinced that we ought to resolve that if it’s not broken, then there’s no need to fix it. 

We don’t need to fix the King James Bible—it still works. We don’t need to fix soul winning—it still works. We don’t need to fix dress standards—they still work. We don’t need to fix prayer meetings—they still work. We don’t need to fix the bus ministry—it still works. We don’t need to fix the hymns of the faith and spiritual songs—they still work. We don’t need to fix the local church—it’s still God’s institution, and it still works. 

My prayer is that God will give us another generation that’s committed to just being old-fashioned children of God. Let’s be Bible Christians. Let us pray for old-time power! Get back to living by faith and trusting God for great things. Go forward with the Gospel and do it the Bible way! 

Let others chase the glitz and glamour of passing trends—let us continue on with truth!

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