Many years ago, as a child, I first heard the story of Solomon asking God for wisdom after the Lord had offered him a multitude of other options with a guarantee that Solomon’s request would be granted. “Really,” a younger version of myself thought, “you asked for wisdom? That was dumb. Why not ask for the ability to fly or turn invisible. That would have been so much better.” Years passed. Again and again, the story would be told, of course, always praising Solomon’s request, yet I still did not see the brilliance of this choice. By high school and early college, I was resigned to the fact that, yes, wisdom was the “best” choice. I had heard that it was, so it must be so.  

Now fast forward a couple of decades: I am a busy wife, mom, daughter, school teacher, church member, etc. Recently, one of the student teachers asked me, “What would be the most important thing to do or remember for teaching?” Without hesitation, I answered, “Don’t enter your room; don’t leave your home before asking God to give you wisdom.” Yep, wisdom. I finally understood how important that request of Solomon’s was. Wisdom is having the knowledge and understanding to deal with situations and make judgments that will result in the best course of action. Impressive right, and guess what? That only comes from God, Who thankfully gives it to those who ask for it.  

“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” – James 1:5

I don’t care how good you are in your job or your ministry; if you are not asking for wisdom, you are going to hurt yourself or someone else. I don’t care how many blogs you have read on child-rearing; if you are not asking for wisdom, you will fail. Wisdom from the Lord will guide you when to ask your children questions and when to be quiet and listen. Wisdom will help you notice someone’s cry for help or their need for encouragement. I am not an expert on wisdom. Oh, no. I have to ask for it every day and multiple times throughout the day, and our Lord so graciously gives it to me.   

And so, we are back to where we started: a young King and a promise that anything he asked for would be given, and what does he ask for… wisdom. Pretty smart!

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Miriam Chung, Christian School Teacher

Mrs. Chung grew up around the work of the ministry and now has the privilege of teaching at the North Valley Baptist Schools. She and her husband faithfully teach young people and are a vital asset to the ministry of NVBC.