Do you like to fish? You know, the Bible refers to you and I who are saved as fishers of men, or at least we’re supposed to be.

I remember growing up, we would go fishing, and we would do different kinds of fishing. But sometimes there in West Virginia, we’d go catfishing, and catfishing lasts all throughout the night, and we’d get a chicken liver or something like that as our bait and cast it out, and we’d just sit there and just kind of wait. But we wouldn’t just take one pole. We would take several fishing poles, and we’d cast them all out in different directions, and sometimes even what was called a trot line with a lot of different hooks on it and cast that out.

You say, why would you do that? Why? Here’s why. Because the more hooks in the water, the more opportunity to catch fish. More hooks, more fish.

I want to challenge you today as you’re watching this video, you and I are supposed to be fishing every single day. Not fishing for fish, though that’s okay, but fishing for souls. Now, we understand that the Holy Spirit’s the soul winner, but you and I are supposed to go and sow that good seed. We’re supposed to fish for men and proclaim the gospel to them.

I want to challenge you. Get as many hooks in the water as you can. You say, what’s some hooks? Well, door-to-door soul winning, of course. That’s a great hook, passing out the gospel tracts to individuals. I think about a website. That’s a great hook. We have the plan of salvation in many different languages on our website, and that’s a hook. The bus ministry, that’s another hook in the water. A lot of quote-unquote fish are caught through the hook of the bus ministry. I think about the Sunday school, the Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday, those are all hooks. That’s why we do that. We have a lot of fellowships and activities at our church after the services. It’s a great time to go and talk to a visitor, and a lot of times, they’ll be led to the Lord at a fellowship, the fellowship. That’s another hook. We have Help for Today, like you’re watching today. That’s a hook in the water. We had Easter at the park, where we took our services to parks in our city and the area around us, and we had little services and gave out different door prizes, and we had singing and soul winning and had hundreds saved there. That was simply a hook, and I want to challenge you. Let’s think big. Let’s plan big. D.L. Moody said, make your plans big. God’s your partner, and quit just casting out that little hook, and though that’s good, thank God for your hook. Why don’t you get some more hooks and drop them in the water so that we can see more souls saved? Jesus is coming soon, and we want to see as many people born again by the grace of God as can be before that trumpet sounds, and I want to challenge you, pastor, missionary, evangelist, Christian. Let’s get some hooks in the water. I hope this has been a help to your Christian life today.

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