Do you carry around keys? Now, I don’t have as many keys on my keychain as I’ve seen some people. Some people have, it seems like, the entire alphabet A through Z of keys. I don’t know how many doors they need to get in and out of throughout the day, but their keys make their belt droop on one side, it’s so heavy. But these are my keys, and these keys do different things.

Of course, this would be a key to one of our vehicles, and this is a key to our house, and this is a key to the mailbox, and then I have keys to our church, and to the office wing, and different things. Here’s a key to the storage building that we use for our church. But these keys are for different things.

A key opens a door that is shut. A key opens something that is closed. A key gives access into an area that has been locked, and if you don’t have the key, then you’re not going to get through the door.

Well today, I want to talk to you about being blessed. The Bible talks about how Job was a blessed man. He was blessed with many material things. He was blessed spiritually. He was blessed with his family. But why was he blessed? Here’s why. He was not blessed because of his bank account, and he was not blessed because of his family necessarily. But in the primary sense, Job was a blessed man because Job was an obedient man.

Every Christian wants to be blessed. You can’t find someone who says, “Nah, I’m good. I don’t need God to bless me.” Everybody prays, “God, would you bless my life, and God, I’m praying for your blessings. I need to be blessed.” But here’s the problem. While every person wants to be blessed, not every Christian is willing to be blessable. And if you want to know the key to being blessed, the key is not many keys, but the key is the key of obedience.

The pathway of obedience is lined with blessings. If you want to be blessed by God, obey God. Simply do His Word. Follow His plan. Live in His will. Do what you know is right, and watch how God will bless you. It is not, “God, if you bless me, then I’ll obey.” No, no. But it is “God, I’m gonna obey, and because I want to please you in all things.” And as a good, loving Heavenly Father, our God loves to gift His children, and He’ll shower up blessings on our life if we’ll simply obey His Word.

I want to challenge you today. Let’s be obedient, and then I believe we’ll get blessed. I hope this has been a help in your Christian life today.

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