Have you ever traveled somewhere and gotten lost? You say, why did I get lost? You probably needed directions. Now I’m preaching to the choir, preaching to myself. We don’t like to stop and get directions. I’m so thankful now for our phones and Apple Maps and Google Maps. You don’t have to stop and ask. You can keep your pride intact when you don’t know where you’re going, but that’s how life is.

In every area of life, we need direction. If we’re going to get to our destination and we’re going to do it efficiently, successfully, we need direction. Today I want to talk to you about getting some direction in the area of your prayer meeting. I hope that your church has a prayer meeting. I don’t just mean Wednesday night service, but I mean a separate time, Saturday, Thursday, someday, when you meet and pray together. This is direction. What is it? This is our men’s prayer meeting bulletin. We do a bulletin for men’s prayer meeting just like you might do for a Sunday or a Wednesday service. On this bulletin is direction in the area of prayer. We have all the different needs listed here. They’re numbered. Number one, tomorrow, the Lord’s Day. We pray for Sunday specifically and pointedly, and we do it on purpose. We ask God to meet with us.

Number, let’s see, number five, we have our youth conference at our church listed. Number five, let’s pray for youth conference. Number 12, pray for America with an American flag. It’s direction there. That way everybody, it’s not like marbles down a bowling alley. There’s no, just no continuity to the thing. There’s no direction. I found in my prayer life that I need boundaries, if you will, gutters, guardrails, whatever you want to call it. I need direction to help me pray. I need a list. I need an appointed purpose. I need something there to keep me anchored and focused so that I pray. Sometimes if we’re not careful, we’ll go to prayer, and really we’re not praying at all. Maybe our heads bowed, our eyes are closed, and maybe we’re thinking, but more of it is internal dialogue with ourselves, and we’re not really speaking to God, and we’re not really praying over needs, and praising God, and asking God for things specifically.

So I want to challenge you. Get some direction in the area of your church’s prayer meeting. Get a prayer bulletin, and if you want an example, you can email us, and we can probably send you a PDF of what we do here. On the back is all the sick and hospitalized. We have expectant mothers. We have our college students that are from our church listed. We have different desires and dreams for the ministry, but all of that is listed on this direction sheet, if you will, our bulletin for prayer meeting.

Life is all about direction. You’ve got to have it. Same thing’s true in the area of prayer, and I want to challenge you. Get a prayer bulletin, and it’ll help your prayer meeting. I promise you it will. I hope this has been a help in your Christian life today.

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