There’s a great Bible word, and it’s the word “justification.” That word is a judicial term, and you probably know what it means. When we talk about being justified, it refers to our standing before God. We are justified or deemed as innocent. We are made right by faith. We’re justified by our faith. But I want you to consider what James said: “that faith without works is dead, being alone.”

Now, we’re not saved by what we do. We’re saved by what Christ did for us on the cross of Calvary. But our works justify our faith in the eyes of the world. In the eyes of God, we’re justified by faith in Christ. But in the eyes of the world, our works justify our faith. Faith is not a dormant thing. Faith is not an inactive thing, but faith ought to move us and produce in us and through us fruit that glorifies God.

I want to ask you the question today: I know that we don’t believe that we’re saved by works, but is your salvation producing good works in your life? The Bible talks about it, not of works of righteous which we have done. We understand that, but we have been ordained or saved unto good works.

And every single day, we ought to live a life in this world that allows the world to see our faith. They cannot see the faith that lies in our heart, but they can look for fruit, the fruit of faith through our life. And I want to challenge you today. Live today, not with a faithless work or a workless faith, but with faith that produces works that glorify our heavenly Father. We’ll make a difference in this world if we will be different and if we’ll be distinct. And how do you do that? By being like Christ every single day.

I hope this has been a help in your Christian life today.

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