I want to talk to you a minute about foundation. The word “foundation,” what is a foundation? Well, it is the base. It is literally that which everything else grows from and is built upon. If we don’t have a firm foundation, a strong foundation, a solid and sound foundation, then whatever we attempt to build upward is going to come crashing to the ground.

That is true in the construction business as you build a home or build a building. That’s true. But it’s also true in our Christian life. We must have a firm foundation, a foundation of prayer, a foundation of doctrine, a foundation that is built upon the Lord. There’s no other foundation that can be laid than that which was laid. And that foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ.

There’s a Bible verse that I want us to consider today. The Bible tells us in Matthew chapter number 7 and verse number 24 that a wise man built his house upon a rock. This man showed wisdom by building his life off of the right foundation, a rock, very strong and very sturdy, very steadfast, something dependable and unmovable, something that can withstand the wind and the water.

And that story, that parable goes on to tell us that this man’s house could stand because it was built on the right foundation. I want to challenge you to show wisdom by building on the right kind of foundation. Build your life upon this book right here. Build your life upon the local church. Build your life around good, godly friends. Build your life on a solid spiritual foundation built upon the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s wise. It’s right. And the only way to build a life that can tower up, we can use the phrase, to rise up to glorify God, we’re going to have to build on the right kind of foundation.

I want to talk to you a little bit about foundation. I want you to think a little while today on foundation. What are you building your life around? But more importantly, what are you building your life upon? I hope this has been a help to your Christian life today.

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