I want to talk to you today about something kind of interesting. Maybe you hear it said from the pulpits. You’ve maybe read it in a devotional book. We sing it in our songs. This world is not our home or just a passing through. And we’ve heard the Bible verses.

“In this world you shall have tribulation.” The Bible talks about how in the last days perilous times will come. Christ told his disciples, he said, “If the world hates you,” he said, “listen, it hated me before it hated you.” And that’s why 1 John tells us, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.” The world is anti-God. The world is anti-godliness. And because of that, the world is anti the people of God.

I come to you today just with something interesting. Recently, we have launched our NVBC app, the North Valley Baptist Church app. And it’s available through the Apple App Store. You might be watching this content right now via our app, but if you’ve seen that, all of the streaming content, the media content from the ministry here is available in one spot on the app.

It’s really a beautiful thing. It’s streamlined. It’s easy to use. It’s handy. You can take it with you and listen to different podcasts and preaching and music all in one place. What I’m coming to you today about is this. If you are using the app, I want you to go to the Apple App Store and leave a review, preferably a five-star review, and review the app.

And that helps us get more traffic. As we have opportunity and as the platform is available, we’re going to make Christ known via these different avenues. And you can be a help to us to help get more traffic and more attention toward the app and then this Bible content if you’ll go and leave a review.

So I want to challenge you even now. Go there and give us a five-star review on the NVBC app. And let’s let the world know that there’s still some people out there that believe in God that have been saved by His grace. And we’re going to do what we can to faithfully proclaim the gospel in our generation.

You say, “Are you discouraged?” No, I’m encouraged. I’m glad. B.R. Lakin said this. He said, “If you want to be loved by everybody, then don’t have nothing, don’t know nothing, don’t do nothing. And if the devil is not fighting and you don’t run into him, then you must be going the same direction.”

So I’m glad that we have his attention. And I’m glad the world knows. But we’re going to keep preaching Jesus. And you can be a big help in that. And go like the app, if you will, the North Valley Baptist Church app in the Apple App Store. And let’s not forget, this world is not our home. We’re just passing through. But while we’re here, let’s do something of eternal value.

Well, I hope this has been a help in your Christian life today.

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