Oh, hey there, how you doing? You know, these things can be distracting. Our cell phones connect us in ways that we’ve never been connected before. In many ways, we could say this is the most connected people have ever been. But my fear is this: we are also the most disconnected that people have ever been.

I mentioned this to our church that it used to be the telephone connected us with people. We used it simply to make a phone call and reach out to somebody. But now, oftentimes the phone is not used for connecting us to somebody, but rather it is some sort of self-gratification and it kind of isolates us.

There are some things you can do from these, and it’s a tool, and it can be, but some things you can’t do from a phone. For example, you can’t parent from a phone screen. You can’t. You can’t really be a friend from a phone screen. You can’t be a soul winner, really, from a phone screen. You can’t pastor from behind a phone screen. You can use this as a tool in all of these areas, but you’re not going to live your life focused on a screen and be successful in these very vital areas.

And I want to encourage you, take time to really enjoy life. Live in reality, not an alternate reality. Don’t get sucked in and be a trap to your media or technology. Use it all for good. You’re watching me by means of media and technology right now, so we can use it for good.

But neighbor, we need, there is no way to substitute going to church in person. There is no way to substitute knocking a door and talking to somebody about the Lord in person. There is no substitute for the table and a family gathered around it speaking to one another and not TV time or movie time or game time, but actually talking. There’s no substitute for that. We cannot afford to get disconnected from our family, disconnected from our church, disconnected from ministry, disconnected from our city. We need to be fully engaged and connected in this day of great disconnection.

Let me challenge you. Screen time is fine, but don’t let screen time take over your life. And let’s get out there into this world and make a difference. Jesus is coming soon, and there are souls to reach with the gospel.

I hope this has been a help in your Christian life today.

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