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Stay Close to the House of God!

In this video, Jack Trieber takes us through the book of Numbers, specifically focusing on Numbers chapter 2. He highlights the importance of the tabernacle as the center of the children of Israel’s lives and encourages viewers to make attending church a priority in their own lives.

Bible Study Helps

Unity in the Church

In this video, Jack Trieber discusses the importance of unity and peace within the church. He emphasizes the need to keep the bond of peace and highlights the early church’s example of praying together and experiencing unity as a result. #help4today

Bible Study Helps

Love Your Church

In this video, Jack Trieber encourages viewers to love their church and not to criticize or attack it. He emphasizes the importance of cherishing the church and compares it to a marriage relationship. #help4today

Bible Study Helps

Jesus Gave

In this week’s episode, Jack Trieber discusses the significance of the church and encourages viewers to appreciate and support their local congregation. Drawing upon Ephesians 5:25, he reminds us that Jesus gave his life for the church, emphasizing the importance of not taking it for granted or neglecting it. #help4today