This week, I want to speak to you about this great institution – the church. And I want to try to provoke us every day to think about your church. I hope you love your church. I hope you support your church. I hope you pray for your church. But the first thought on this day, on Help for Today, is that Jesus, in Ephesians 5, Jesus verse 25, gave his life for the church.

Let’s not be careless with the church. Let’s not be flippant with the church. Let’s not take advantage of the church. Just that, let’s not ignore the church. Let’s make Christ, who is my life (Colossians chapter 3), and let’s make the church important.

If Jesus would die and give his life for the church, it’s very important to me. It should be very important to all of us. And I hope that today, we will ponder the fact that someone died to give us the New Testament local church. Have a great day.

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Pastor Jack Trieber

Pastor Trieber

Pastor Trieber has served as the pastor of the North Valley Baptist Church since March of 1976. He is also the President of Golden State Baptist College.