Maybe you’ve heard someone make this statement, “What’s with all the fighting?” The Christian life is a life of constant warfare. We daily battle a variety of adversaries. The Bible mentions our enemies—the world, the flesh, and the devil.

In Joshua 11 and verse 18, we find a phrase that describes the life of the Christian. Here the Bible says, “Joshua made war a long time.” Joshua was tasked with conquering Canaan. He was to destroy and drive out the inhabitants of the land. Joshua’s life was a life of battle.

Paul charged Timothy to “war a good warfare.” He also said that we should “be “good soldiers” of Jesus Christ. Joshua warred. He warred a long time. Joshua did not have a cakewalk through Canaan. He had to battle his way through. The future generation would enjoy the fruit of the land because Joshua committed to fight for the land.

You and I as Christians must be willing to fight. Our battle is spiritual. We are commanded to contend for the faith. We should fight for truth. We should fight for our families. We should battle for Bible principle. I believe we ought to fight to preserve old-fashioned decency in our society.

Joshua made war a long time. Don’t get tired of the fight. It is worth it! I think about the song, “And when the battle’s over, we shall wear a crown! Yes! We shall wear a crown!” One day we’ll all see Jesus, and no Christian is going to regret having “made war a long time” for truth and right. Keep fighting!

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Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper, Assistant Pastor

Since 2006, Pastor Cooper has served as an evangelist and as a pastor, traveling across the nation holding revival meetings and preaching in Bible conferences. Pastor Cooper moved to join our staff in 2019 and is building the Tabernacle Bible Class. He and his wife, Desarae, are an incredible blessing to both the college and church families. Pastor and Mrs. Cooper have one son, Lincoln.