I do not love flowers simply because they are pretty little things; but rather, I love what they represent. Every flower starts with a seed and starts small—just as humans come into this world as little babies. Through nurture, care, water, sunlight, and nutrients, the seed takes root and grows. In the same light, a person grows through diet, sleep, and exercise.

 It is remarkable that every flower needs to go through something called “dirt.” Dirt, for lack of a better word, is “dirty.” It can be disgusting and kind of ugly. People also go and grow through dirt in their lives. In a spiritual aspect, dirt can represent sin, trouble, and trials. Yet, it is that very dirt that helps provide the nutrients. Somehow God can allow the dirt in our lives to help us grow; and in due season, a beautiful flower blooms. God can take our mistakes and troubles—our dirty lives—and create something wonderful.

Only God can do a miracle like that. So next time you “stop and smell the roses,” don’t forget to stop and thank God for the flower He’s creating you to be

“He hath made everything beautiful in His time…”-Ecc. 3:11

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Charlene Ilan, GSBC Professor

Miss Charlene Ilan and her family have been faithful members of NVBC for over a decade. She is an alumna of North Valley Baptist Schools and Golden State Baptist College and now teaches at GSBC in the English and Music Departments.