Text: Titus 1-3

Paul’s epistle to Titus offers valuable insight into the proper order of the local church. Like Timothy, Titus was a preacher that Paul had taken under his wing. Paul was admonishing and instructing Titus. Throughout this letter, there is a repeated emphasis on godliness.

We live in a day where godliness is almost an endangered species. Many Christians do not desire it, and some probably do not even understand the concept. God expects his people and his place to be marked by godliness. We are not to mirror the world or reflect the image of a lost society. Godliness ought to be our banner. In this epistle, Paul touches on the need for Godliness in three key areas.

1. Godliness in the Church!

In Chapter 1, Paul emphasizes godliness in the church. He writes to Titus and explains to him the order of the church and the importance of leadership that lives a spiritual life. Those who preach the word of God and serve in positions of influence must be above reproach. Everything about the happenings at the church house ought to point people toward God and not resemble any marks of the world.

2. Godliness in the Home!

In Chapter 2, Paul emphasizes the need for godliness in the home. The local church will only be as holy as the homes that make up that church. Godliness must begin at the family altar. Throughout this chapter, Paul mentions the importance of influence. What is preached from the pulpit must be reinforced in the home. Godliness is displayed when the proper order of the home is maintained.

3. Godliness in the World!

In Chapter 3, Paul emphasizes the need for godliness in the world. He charges the reader to live out their Christianity in the world. We are not to be worldly, but we do live in this world. As we navigate through this life, we ought to display the faith that lives within us to the world around us. Godliness needs to be on parade in public.

“Our lifestyle, language, attitudes, and manner of dress reflect on His name. He leads us in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Unless you are honestly convinced that the thing in question will bring glory to God, then don’t do it!” -Curtis Hutson

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