TEXT: 1 Kings 17:2-6

It’s amazing to read through the Word of God and see who, or what God uses to accomplish his purpose. Elijah, God’s prophet, is in hiding by the brook Cherith. Jezebel is seeking to destroy all the true prophets of God. God places his preacher in a safe, secluded place. The amazing thing about this account is that God orders ravens to feed Elijah. That is beyond human comprehension that a bird would bring food to man, but it is exactly what happened.

God used the ravens. The raven seems to be an unimpressive, normal, everyday kind of bird. There’s nothing showy or especially admirable about it, but that is the kind of bird that God determined to use to be a blessing to his prophet.

I believe we can learn something from this. We need some “ravens.” We need some Christians who will simply serve. They don’t need flash or appeal. God doesn’t need a spiritual peacock or a soaring eagle, just some ravens. All of us can be just that. We can do what we can do for the glory of God. If God can use the ravens, God can and will use you and me.

“God can hit a mighty straight lick with a crooked stick.” -Bob Jones Sr.

ILLUSTRATION: I met a certain Christian man in my travels who was very peculiar. He dressed peculiarly. He looked to be poor. His hair was never combed and he always had some dirt on his hands. He didn’t smell particularly good. He couldn’t read and he never graduated from high school. If you were to ask me, I would have told you he would always be wanted and welcomed at church, but I would not expect him to be a producer. Boy, would that be the wrong assumption. Every night of the meeting this man had visitors in the service. He couldn’t read or speak eloquently. He was dirty and poor in appearance, but he was yielded to God. There was an obvious touch upon his life and that is what made the difference. God isn’t looking for ability. He seeks availability. Never forget that God can take something or someone common and even despised by the world’s standards and use them for his glory.

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