What are you doing to reach out into the highways and the hedges around your church? There is a world outside the doors of our church that needs to know that Jesus saves.

What are you doing actively to evangelize the area in which your church has been planted? A church is not a club, per se. A church is not a social center. A church is not just a hotspot for activities to fill our schedule. The church is a rescue mission. It is a hospital. It is the launching pad, if you will, of mission work, and we ought to be getting out of the four walls of our church into the community and compelling sinners to come to Christ.

Right outside the window here of my office, I can see lining the road are our church buses, and those church buses run every Sunday morning, and faithful workers go, and they bring young people to our services here. They have classes specialized for their age. They have preaching and things tailored to meet the need that they’ll have in their life, and these are young people whose parents might not come, and there’s no other way to get them here, and so we have taken the initiative to go out and bring them in.

Maybe your church has a bus ministry, but are you a part of that? Are you supporting it financially? Are you part of it actively involved as a worker on a bus route? Are you going out on Saturday and canvassing, knocking doors, and trying to sign up new riders?

Other ways you can reach out. What are you doing in your community? Maybe your city has different city activities. Does your church have some sort of a presence there? I don’t mean you have to partake. A lot of those activities you can’t partake in, but do you have a soul winning emphasis? Do you have a presence there passing out tracks and letting folks know that your church exists?

One thing that I don’t want is to attend a church in the city, go out into that city, talk to somebody out in the city about my church, and they say, “Now I’ve never heard of that church. Where is it?” I want our city to know that we are here, and they’re gonna know that we’re here because of the reaching out that we do, not just what happens within, but how we take the truth that we’re taught and preached to within and put it into practice out in our city.

I want to challenge you. Be a part of reaching out in your area and telling sinners that Jesus saves. There’s a world out there. They need to know about the Lord. I hope this has been a help in your Christian life today.

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